About the Dan & Phil Shop (U.S.)

Hey guys!/Hello internet.

Welcome to our official U.S store! Instead of just using another website, we decided we wanted to make our very own special Dan and Phil shop completely designed by us so we could create anything we like and make sure that you guys have a great experience. And after nearly a year of working on it with Phil's brother Martyn, here it is!

As two people that buy a lot of merch from the things we're fans of (we're giant nerds), we think it's a really great way of supporting people's favourite creators and getting to be creative ourselves! 

We wanted to have our own store so we could make sure you guys would be happy with every aspect of the service. We have a great Returns Policy and tried to get the fastest and cheapest ways to post our products around the whole world! Please let us know if there's anything you think we could improve on.

We've also made sure this website is 100% safe and that any information you provide goes through all of the top industry-standard systems. If you have any paranoid parents they can read our FAQ that covers payment methods, shipping and contact details! We're like, totally legit we promise. 

We really hope you like what we've made so far! Remember what you see now is just the start and in the future we plan on creating all different kinds of cool merch that should appeal to every kind of special snowflake out there. Make sure to sign up to our Newsletter to be told when we have something new! 

Thank you so much to anyone that supports us by purchasing from here, we really appreciate it! Now we're gonna get back to making videos. :D

— Dan & Phil

Special shoutout to all the fantastic artists we have worked with so far:

Mr Mike Fallows, Katja Alissa MuellerZel-DuhJed with CerealPhantellaEmzbratzRriji